World Dairy Expo

One thing that has remained strongly embedded in my heart since childhood, is my fervent love for pumpkins! Each one, uniquely shaped and grown in various shades of oranges, greens and golds - seem to speak their own personality by doing nothing more than just merely sitting there! My fondness for these eccentric looking 'vegetable creatures' is spurred on every autumn, not only because of their unique beauty and carefree ability to decorate for the season, but also because they are just so delicious. Homemade pumpkin pie with freshly whipped cream is my heaven. So, whether you plan to carve them, decorate with them or eat them - I hope you will enjoy your pumpkins this year as much as I do~! With all that said,... on to the normal features of this BLOG!! 

AROUND THE STUDIO... we have triumphed through another year of World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI !! This year proved to be as exciting and as challenging, in it's own way, as each year is. We headed to Madison a day earlier this year to set up as much as possible, and then journey back home to Glencoe, to be a part of the Homecoming Coronation. Our oldest daughter and Senior, Amanda, was among the royalty court for Homecoming, and of course we wanted to be there! Although she wasn't crowned Queen, it was truly exciting and a lot of fun to experience this event! Tuesday morning - 3am found me, and daughter Taylor, in the car headed back to Madison for the opening day of World Dairy Expo. After a quick stop at the framer to pick up things, one spilled cup of coffee (on my lap) and one slight speeding ticket - we arrived safely in Madison at 9am! My wonderful and resilient staff made it a successful and pleasurable week. Let me assure you - this week is a test of the survival of the fittest! Thank you Diane, Jayne, Carolyn, Keri, Taylor, Torie, Cory, Erin, and John! It was great to see many familiar faces and make new friends too! On another note - please check our website for details of our upcoming Open House Schedule... we hope you might be able to stop by! 

COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... I don't really have a clue what's going on in the barn or on the farm. I'm only back a couple of days from Expo and can't see out of the house past the mound of laundry!! I did notice though, that the cows at pasture look brilliant against the wooded backdrop, as the leaves continue to show-off their beautiful autumn colors! 

FAMILY MATTERS... Always lots of things going on!! Pictured here is daughter Taylor, who exhibited for her first time ever at World Dairy Expo. She and 'Dottie' her Jersey Winter Calf, placed 14 out of 28, and 2nd Junior. Also a big "CONGRATULATIONS" to the David and Cindy Hoese family of Glencoe - who exhibited the 1st place and Intermediate Champion Sr. 3 year old cow at World Dairy Expo! This is a huge accomplishment!! Football season is climaxing - both for the GSL Panthers (whom my kids strongly support) and for Jacob, who plays now for the Silver Lake Lions! Jacob is also the newly named 'President' of the Student Council - (I'm afraid this could be the start of his political career!!) Everyone is studying hard, with mid-tri ALREADY upon us, and MEA break is only 7 days away. And yes, my smaller children are already asking "Mom, when can we carve pumpkins!?" Thanks for reading, Sincerely - a pumpkin lovin' artist,...