Birthdays and Baseball

IN THE STUDIO... Things are steady... I am painting whenever I can "eeeek" - some time at the easel. I am near completion on a washline/quilt painting, and should be ready to show it to you next week. The busy schedule of the family and landscaping keep snatching my painting time, but I persist onward! Thankfully with longer daylight hours, I'm motivated to get up earlier and stay up longer and squeeze a little more into the days. We are getting ready to send a new e-newsletter... again, if you aren't receiving our e-newsletters and would like to, just send us your email address! 

COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... Yesterday the guys finished fencing and pasture preparation and will move the heifers over to it today! Starting to think about second crop hay, the garden looks great (especially the potato crop), and we are plugging away at the landscaping! We are in the middle of installing flagstone walkways, and will be installing a paver patio soon. Today we will start planting some of the shrubs and perennials around the farm sign area! Yeah! 

FAMILY MATTERS... Take me out to the ball game... John and the boys are off to the MN Twins Baseball game today. It's a summer MUST! Good Luck Twins. We've celebrated 2 birthdays in the last week, Zachary and Katelyn - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Zachary's celebration was all about football! He and 7 of his best buddies gathered at the Silver Lake Football Field for a couple of hours of play time. Then it was off to the pool, and a finale of pizza and cupcakes! Katelyn also celebrated, it was her 'Sweet 16' birthday! A couple of nights each week are also spent at the ball park... Jacob has had lots of nice hits and loves playing the game! Amanda and I went to the Mother-Daughter Tea for the Pola-czesky Royalty Court last Saturday - FUN!! And Taylor has arrived back from a one week Gymnastics camp in Wisconsin. So, I think that about covers everyone!! Wishing you joyful summer days filled with the fun things you love! Thanks for reading,