Last Warm Week

November 3... and it is going to hit 70 degrees today in Minnesota! Unbelievable. We will all hit it hard today, wrapping up outdoor projects, harvesting, and just enjoying the sunshine. According to the weatherman it will be a gradual descend weather-wise, with snow and a high of 38 degrees by Friday. So, I guess we are heading into the season of rolling up the garden hoses and digging out the potatoes! 

AROUND THE STUDIO... We are enjoying many customers stopping by the studio these days, taking advantage of our Holiday special and getting a jump on Christmas shopping! We love your visits and phone calls. Thank you. Our e-newsletter has also just gone out, prompting lots of phone calls and emails... again, thank you for sharing your ideas with us at Bonnie Mohr Studio. If you wish to get added to the e-newsletter mailing list, please just log onto Bonnie Mohr Studio and leave us your email address! I am busy finishing outdoor projects right now, but will be in the studio once this weather turns - and working on some fun new things. I will give you a peek at new things in my upcoming blogs. 

COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... John is working around the clock now, as most farmers are this time of the year. All the corn stalk bales are made, and they will begin hauling those home today. The pit has been cleaned out - ahhh, the fresh aroma of country life! Tillage will begin soon, and yes... the potatoes need to be dug. The cows are good - still needing to be milked twice a day! 

FAMILY MATTERS... All pictures this week center around the family! Katelyn's school concert was wonderful. Just look at this picture - the enrollment in the GSL Choir is huge, and they put on a concert anyone would pay to hear. Nice job Kay (Director) and to all the students. The boys and I fared quite well Trick-or-Treating this year... enough candy to please any Dentist. My thoughts on this - eat all you want. The stomach ache usually sets in by 9pm, and a day or two later I clean things up and 'share' it with neighbors. It was a beautiful night though, and we had lots of fun. Our 4-H club also just had their Halloween Party gathering last night. Another beautiful evening, with a good ole' fashion hayride included. The kids enjoyed a haunted house, playtime, and a hot dog banquet! FUN TIME! And we also celebrate two birthdays in our house in November... the first being Jacob, turning 10 this week. He had friends over to play this weekend. I love having boy gatherings at our house... I have to do nothing but provide some food - they just play, play, play and take care of themselves! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB! Happy November everyone! Thanks for reading...