Open House Season

AROUND THE STUDIO... We had a great first weekend of Open House at Bonnie Mohr Studio... THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO VISITED! The shop was decked out in it's best Autumn decor - with homemade Pumpkin Bars and Brownies to boot! Visitors arrived all the way from Wisconsin and Iowa - it was great to see you all! In between greeting our guests, I skipped back outdoors to continue working on our landscaping projects! On Saturday, we finished the flagstone walkway between the studio and house, finished the rock wall by the studio and got the white fence up at the entrance of the pasture. Our wonderful friends Dick and Ruth led the way on this project, and I was the assistant - THANK YOU TO THEM! It looks pretty smashing if I do say so myself!! Reminder to order your Christmas Cards early, while the selection is excellent! Check our website for the new Holiday Special, now posted. And as always - whatever we can do to help......please give us a call. 

COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... I just had to show off our beautiful herd of Holstein Cows as they were heading in from pasture this past weekend. It is one of the prettiest sights in Rural America! John is busy putting up high moisture corn today into the Harvestor, scraping lots and hauling manure, and will begin making corn stalks soon. As I've commented before, there is not a busier or more exciting time on the farm than Autumn! We also classified the herd last week and had 3 new excellent and some high scoring two-year olds. It was a very good day at Glenmark Genetics. 

FAMILY MATTERS... Yes, the first pumpkin carving experience has erupted in our house. Zachary just couldn't wait any longer. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more - him or me!! We will do a family night of pumpkin carving real soon, and everyone will get a shake at it! The kids are busy now with helping on the farm during harvest and Open House season, attending the fall Concerts, National Honor Society Ceremony, College visits, attending and participating in sports and just busy enjoying these last days of the fall. The week will climax with Trick-or-Treating. I used to load up and take 5 kids out - I'm now down to just the two boys!! (It's still lots of fun!!) That's about it for today. Remember to get out and vote next Tuesday! Thanks for reading, enjoy your day.