Winter Preparations

Our Minnesota winter has arrived! After an unseasonably warm beginning to winter, our zero degree temps have finally arrive, and just in the nick of time according to my boys. They have been ready to go ice fishing for 3 months already - and the balmy December temps were NOT in good order with them or any other ice-fishing folks! These are the temperatures in which our 'expecting moms' also get extra care and are on close surveillance. We've had 12 new babies arrive at the farm since January 1st! The newest calves arrived at 9:45 pm last night - a set of twins! Mom and babies are resting comfortably inside the barn, well protected from the frigid outdoor 'below zero' temps that hover throughout the nights!

Speaking of nights - I crawled into bed last night at 10 pm, after a 4:30 am start. 11 PM - woke up.  12:30 AM, woke up again. 1:30 woke for the 3rd time - after 3 'pillow fluff ,roll-over and cover adjustment attempts' my brain was not about to settle down and rest - and so my day began. The way I figure is now 6 AM and I am ready for lunch. Do you suppose Kate's wedding coming in 2 weeks has anything to do with this?? The excitement builds!! Ok, so I have to admit, that after orchestrating 3 (2 to go) graduation parties, I thought this wedding would be a snap.....graduation, basically the same, right?! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!! This has been months of hard core planning, shopping for stuff, decorating, creating, making lists, menu planning, program planning, labeling, stamping, stuffing, sealing, making phone calls, meeting with venues, ordering more stuff online, pasting, posting, cutting, arranging, hauling boxes, staging, 132 pots of coffee ; )  I am loving EVERY minute of it, but completely underestimated the magnitude of what it takes to prepare for a wedding.  Which brings me to answering several harassing emails - "When are you going to show what's on your easel?"  Answer: when the wedding is over and I have time to paint again! LOL - stay posted friends.....there will be lots of new things coming this year ;)  I have many wonderful ideas just waiting to come to life!!

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Thanks for reading - Happy Mid January ; )