Celebration of Joy

Featured Image: I Do by Bonnie Mohr

Ten days from today - our family will gather at the church, in a circle of love, to witness and celebrate our first family wedding! Daughter Kate will be wed to Jeff, a wonderful young man (and beef farmer!) and they will begin their new life together ; )  It occurred to me this morning, how the children we have raised, continue to shape our lives.  The good times and the challenging ones, the celebrations and the trials, the joys and the tears (which I expect there will be some of both of these coming up!)  the many roads traveled to county fairs, football games, swim meets, gymnastic tournaments, school plays, wrestling meets, basketball games, trap shooting events, trips to Cabalas, Dairy judging competitions, Prom Grand Marches, moving to college,  and the list goes on. It seems like forever, we embrace all of the running, hugging, advising, consoling, cheering, and loving these special and wonderful little people in our lives - and then - one day you wake up, they have grown up, and life is about to change, forever, and the family that we have known for the past 20-some years will now evolve into something new (kind of like a butterfly!)  Letting go of the people we love so much, is a bittersweet moment of life - but one of great joy and happiness too ; )  Preparing for this wedding has consumed me for the past month or two or three - and we are ready, and excited, and exhilarated about the big day that is quickly approaching.  My blog today is written in celebration and joy of the five wonderful children that God has entrusted to John and I to love and care for the best we can - and now to let the first one grow into her new life and marriage!  Children, we are so proud of you.  Words could never express our deep love and the abundant happiness you have brought to us - and the many ways we have grown because of the way you have shaped our lives! Thank you.............

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OK friends - I need to get on the tread mill now.....I have a dress to get into in 10 days!!

Have a wonderful day -