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Winter Has Arrived

Winter has arrived, and with a capital "W." Twelve inches of snow fell this past weekend, and shut down a good share of southern MN for Sunday.  We made it to church, and were homebound for the rest of the day.  There is a strange calm that accompanies a snowstorm, especially if you are tucked indoors.  The world seems to slow down for the day, and the pace changes a bit.  I found myself getting back into my comfy checkered pajama pants, putting on a second pot of coffee, and allowing the kids to eat lunch in front of the TV to watch their favorite football game.  There is an unspoken presence throughout the house that it is ok to break a few house rules on this kind of day!  It is also a day for taking a NAP!  Something I don't get to do very often - but something that seems perfect for a Sunday snow storm day! The world around us changes in many interesting ways with a 12-inch blanket of snow.  Our gravel road becomes undrivable until the plow goes through,  the milk truck will get stuck, and invariable, the cows run around in it, like they are on a sandy beach in Hawaii. Our newly adopted cat, Harper, completely freaked when he was put outside for a few minutes (of the garage that is, he didn't make it in the house after he got caught licking out of the butter dish twice in the same day : ).  The snowmobiles are out in force now too, parading about and even though I am not an avid snowmobiler myself, they always look like they are having a ton of fun.   And so...for those of you embracing winter as we are - put another log on the fire, and for those of you who are not, now you know what you're missing : ) Happy Winter, and thanks for reading..... Bonnie