Weekend Reflections & Rhubarb!

Have you heard about THE REAL FACES OF DAIRY project? This is a celebration of the dairy industry and the people who make it all happen - from the past, present and future! I am honored to be working with Balchem Corporation on a commissioned painting to help celebrate in this tribute to the American Dairy Industry! Here is a sneak peak at the beginnings of this painting I am currently working on. I will be posting updates on the painting every week or two on the Bonnie Mohr Studio Facebook as well as the REAL FACES OF DAIRY Facebook - follow along!

We had a great weekend celebrating our Open House Event, Moms, and Spring on the Farm this last weekend! Wonderful to see so many of you at the studio, thanks for coming out. The farm animals and tractor rides were a hit!

Especially Wilbur and Albert - my personal favorites.....after watching these guys rut around all morning, I now know why they call them pigs!

Everyone had a great time, some even brought their own lounging chairs!

The chicks are always a hit!!

And would you look at this line for tractor rides.....we definitely need to get a bigger 'buddy seat' for next year!

Here are those pigs again! We may have to eliminate them next year....so people can focus more on shopping at Bonnie Mohr Studio! Ha!

Here we go - happy shoppers enjoying the art, orange juice and the famous Becky Bake's Muffins!

Adorable - do kids and rabbits get any cuter than this?!

So my wonderful neighbor Elaine brought me some rhubarb from her garden a week ago (yes, it keeps in the refrigerator that long and was still perfect)!  In the hub of getting ready for the open house - I managed to bake up a rhubarb treat - spring is not spring without at least one rhubarb indulgence!! You will love these Rhubarb Dream Bars - and so easy to make! Hope you enjoy this recipe ;)

Wishing you an awesome day friends -