Celebrating Spring & Moms!

Take a look at these! Year after year - the beauty of our spring Tulips takes my breath away! It is crazy that these magnificent flowers can winter 30 degree below temperatures in MN and come back like this every spring!  I'm torn between picking some to bring inside to enjoy or not - and always end up leaving them outside where everyone can enjoy them and they make our yard look so festive! If you don't have any - you really should, they welcome spring like nothing else ; )

Well, it's a big week at Bonnie Mohr Studio! Our Spring Open House is this Saturday, from 8 am - 1 pm! We hope to see many of you here to celebrate Spring with us. Everything in the shop and ONLINE (surprise!!!!) will be 20% off!! Last minute shoppers for Mother's Day - this is especially perfect for you! Get more details HERE!

I'm often asked 'Which is your favorite painting?'  I actually have several, but FACE TO FACE - SPRING is definitely one of them, and is perfect to showcase this time of year!  This is a special cow in our herd, her name is Olivina....not Olive, not Olivia, but Olivina ;) She is a sweetheart and a very gentle creature, which is why I picked her for this painting. There is an unspoken language that only animals know - or at least I think so. (Sometimes there is an unspoken language between John and I too - you know how that goes!! When I say pick up your laundry and put it in the basket, he thinks I'm actually saying I will do that for him!!) In this painting Olivina has a intimate but humorous conversation going with this spring Robin, and is coaxingly asking for the shred of alfalfa that the bird has claimed. Right behind her, there is a whole bunk of hay, but she is more interested in playing the game with this robin!  This painting embodies such beauty and tenderness of these big Holstein cows we milk - I love them! This image is available in both print and canvas form, and note cards as well! 

Wishing each and every mother in the whole wide world a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY this Sunday! Enjoy your day and pamper away - sleep in, go out to eat, do not pick up anyone's laundry, sit on the porch and read a book, or enjoy a fun-run, but whatever you do, take good care of you and celebrate your motherhood!

Mother of five, wife of one and enjoying life as an Artist!