Spring at the Studio!

What will she choose? Today is the day - we are so excited to announce the winner of our Mother's Day giveaway! Loving, forgiving, THERE!! These are the 3 words that were submitted to best describe our winners 'Awesome Mom'. CONGRATS to, Gwen Nickerson, on winning an $80 print of her choice!! We are elated with the huge response to this annual promotion - Thank you to everyone for your support and love for your mom!

As I was folding the laundry early this morning - I thought about this chore, that we do as mom's - it is one of rare notoriety, no pay, and maybe most importantly an 'unnoticed, no attention job - but most needed necessity' of every member of the household! I love the comfort of folding laundry, because of the warmth on my hands, the freshness of the clothes, and knowing that it is a labor of love that I do willingly and happily for the people I love the most.  As I left the laundry room this morning, and glanced back to make sure one of the piles hadn't fallen off the counter, (which it hadn't - you know, that would have meant refolding it all) I thought about the boys - already out the door - going about their busy own lives. I thought about our 3 daughters, now out of the house, and the thousands of shirts, shorts and sweats I have folded over the past 30 some years of raising a family. I felt love and happiness ; )  This is what mom's do - anything and everything we can to take care of our families................... so moms, finish up the laundry and start celebrating, your day is only a week and a half away!!

Spring is being a little bucky this week - the wind is howling this morning like it was the middle of January and I actually had to put my winter coat on while going outside this morning! I did get my cold-hardy pansies planted though - aren't they gorgeous!  Seriously, I have never seen this color before, love it! 

While I was out picking them up, happened to notice MARTHA! Who is Martha????  YOU KNOW!! She is the star model on the Wonderblend Composted Manure bag (You gotta give this stuff a try - it is amazing!!), the cow-star of best-selling print HAVE HOLSTEINS?, and a former team-partner of our farm Glenmark Genetics (sadly, she passed away several years ago).......her memory lives on! Happy Mother's Day Martha - I know you are romping around in Cow Heaven as we speak!!

SAVE THE DATE - we would love to see you next Saturday, May 7th for the Spring Open House at Bonnie Mohr Studio! More details HERE!

Have a wonderful, God-Blessed day -