Spring Green Pastures

The fresh smell of pasture clover, the stunning shades of spring green, and the birth of new baby calves are the simple pleasures of spring on a dairy farm! We made the decision over 20 years ago to turn this chunk of 12 acres, just across the road, into a cow pasture! It is a haven for our herd of 80 registered cows for at least 6 months of the year and a sanctuary for mommas delivery their newborn calves! 

It is where they take their first steps (after they learn to get up of course) -

It is here they get their first bath -

And have their first drink -

If you are planning a visit to Bonnie Mohr Studio this spring or summer - do ask to see the new babies ;)  They are always a crowd pleaser and will slobber on your fingers if you stick them in their mouths and let them. (Something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime!) They have tender small teeth and do not bite (much)!

High school graduation is this week in Glencoe! Whoosh - that fast - again - seems like they just started back a couple of weeks ago! This means we will have another Senior in our house once again next year - Jacob, our 4th child will get the Sr. Parking Spot at our house, really enjoy his last year of high school now that he has finished Spanish II, and continue to be the 'smartest person in our house'! LOL Speaking of Seniors - may I recommend Living Life? A personal choice for the graduating Senior - with a message that will support and guide them into life - plus, you can write a personal note on the back - how special is that!!

More exciting news - MAY IS BEEF MONTH!  Whew - hoo!! This is the perfect time of the year to freshen your office or home with new art. If you are a beef producer or lover - we have several choices you may wish to consider. Herford Haven is my pick this month, but click HERE  to see more choices.

Enjoy these beautiful spring days, and thanks for reading -