Bonnie's Fun Spring Insights

My brain is spilling with all the things to write about today - it's almost too many topics for just one blog.  I was actually contemplated writing two blogs for this week, but then I would have even less painting time which would drive me crazy & I could get crabby - so that is probably not a good idea! You can quit reading when your coffee gets cold, or you need to go to the bathroom -

The painting is coming along just great for Balchem Animal Health & Nutrition for the REAL FACES OF DAIRY project! Here is the latest (or newest - I'm never quite sure which it should be, as they would seem to have opposite meanings but are used interchangeably - ha) You can see that I have a nice handle on the background and have started working on my mama cow. This is a fascinating part of the painting as it really begins to come to life with each brush stroke. This is what I call getting into the 'meat and potatoes' of it! Stay posted for continued updates and be sure to watch the progress on the Bonnie Mohr Studio Facebook! By the way, what should we call this newborn baby?  

Speaking of mama's, I fit that category too, and every once in awhile, we love to talk about our kids - well it just wouldn't be right to let the spring fishing season slip by without a little show-and-tell! We are fortunate to have the Crow River run through our pasture property - the shallow bending and calm nature of it seems to be a favorite place for Walleye this time of year!  

Would you look at this catch, after only a couple hours of fishing! (I know.....the garage needs cleaning, but how do you stop to clean a garage this time of year, when there are fish to be caught!) 

I get so confused about these faces......the girls curl up their lips for a 'puckery-kiss' affect, but the boys always go for the 'serious-straight', kind'a 'toughguy' look!  And no, not all 4 of them are mine.....We have our 'now Senior' son Jake on the far left, friend Michael, our 9th grade son Zach, and friend Dalton on the right!  

Probably the only thing more exciting than catching these fish - is putting the feed out to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat!  (And yes, the garage is still a mess! Just wait till there is a pale of fish guts in the mix of it all!)

In case you have never seen a close-up of dead Walley, here you go!  Kinda cool - don't you think?!

And when they aren't fishing, there is hay to make!  We are early this year in MN - by the time you read this blog, our 1st crop hay will be all bagged and done.  Another proud mama picture, this is Zach out cutting hay... like a champion!  

And just in case you live somewhere that doesn't  include Lilacs - here you go again!  I have never been a huge 'purple fan', but these things are awesome!  It is the one time of the year that our dairy farm does not smell like a dairy farm - it is like a  fragrant Lilac factory! 

Wishes of fishes and all great spring things - have a wonderful day!