Victory! I not only made it to my studio last week, but I completed 3 new miniature originals. You are getting a "sneak peek" at one of them today!!! Not sure what we will do with this piece, but be watching for it in some form of reproduction later this year. My schedule for this week is crazy, as usual, and I will have to work hard to weave some painting time into the whole scheme of things. This weeks lineup includes:
  1. Driver's Training for second daughter Katelyn
  2. Jr. Holstein Meeting for the girls
  3. 2 evenings of Gymnastics practice for Taylor
  4. 3 evenings of Little League baseball for the boys
  5. Preparation for Region 7 Dairy Show
  6. Region 7 Dairy Show in Hutchinson (we are exhibiting 11 head)
  7. Work crew arrives Thursday when we begin summer landscaping
  8. 3 Graduation parties this weekend
  9. 1 Surprise Anniversary Party this weekend
  10. Gymnastics meet in Rochester on Saturday
  11. Farewell party for Fr. Bob on Friday

And these, ladies and gentlemen, are the top 10 (plus one!) reasons I may have a rough time getting much painting done this week! Wishing you wonderful summer days.........more next week, time is short today, and I need to get to work! Thanks for reading..................