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TODAY, By Bonnie Mohr

I have been 100% positive since I got up this morning that it is Tuesday, not Wednesday? Do you ever have a day like that??? That's why my blog is posting a little late today - I just realized I need to write it ;)  Yesterday was a wild but exciting day in the life of an artist. Color proofing - all day long! Once an image is digitally scanned, the film (or proof) that is created becomes a match print to make color corrections on, as compared to the original. You can be as relaxed or picky about this process as you see fit....I prefer to call myself 'particular', but yes, I would probably fall in the 'picky' category.  The people I work with though - are awesome and welcoming to my 'artist eye' and we go through one round of color corrections after the other until I feel we have a very, very close match to the original! Once the color proofing is complete, we move into what is called 'make - ready'.  This is getting everything digitally prepared to get on press.  I will have one more day of color proofing tomorrow, and then we should be scheduled to get on press early next week. Many of these new images and cards will be packed with us and debut for the first time at World Dairy Expo in less than 4 weeks! Lots to get done in a short period of of these years, I vow to be ahead of the game ;)

On an even more exciting note is our Dairy Print Giveaway TODAY!  Since Bonnie Mohr Studio is no longer an exhibitor at the MN State Fair, we thought it would be fun to share the spirit of excitement that embodies this awesome event!  Today being the Open Class Dairy seems fitting to give away a signed and numbered dairy print of your choice...Simply CLICK HERE and "Like" our Facebook page. Find the post about our Dairy Print Giveaway and share it! Winner will be announced on Friday....Have fun and good luck everyone!

Today, we are also introducing one of my newest paintings, which will be available for purchase later this month.  It is called TODAY, and is a cousin to LIVING LIFE, and LIVING TODAY.  When I brought out LIVING TODAY a couple of years ago.....we heard so many wonderful comments - - we also heard from some that it was too 'rural' and the verse was 'a bit too long'.  This new piece is designed to please all - it is a painting that really celebrates the greatest gift we all have..... today!  It is the doorway to our life, it is a blessing and opportunity to live in the now and be everything we desire.  We will be printing this piece as canvas giclees, prints and notecards - all scheduled to be released in a couple your emails for more details to come soon!

Verse Reads: 


Today is a gift. Embrace it with joy and eagerness.... 

Be at peace ~ you are exactly where you are meant to be. God has chosen the people and events on your path today. The experiences you will encounter are stepping stones for what is to come.

Follow your heart - find your purpose and you will find meaning and contentment.  Seek things 

that fill you with love and bring you happiness. Use your talents, do your best, live with integrity.  Contribute. Be passionate about your journey ~ sing, dance, live and learn ~ grow as you go.

Pray, give praise, have faith....these foster hope.  BELIVE ~ with God, all things are possible.

Live well, the promise of tomorrow begins with the gift of today.

~ Bonnie L. Mohr