Summers End...

This past weekend was a 'working one'. . . by Sunday night I had wrapped up all four of my new paintings that will be used for Christmas Card images this year. The past two days have been spent in Minneapolis at my color house getting corrections made and preparing for press!  I know the seasons as much by my work schedule as I do in the change of weather.  Every year at this time, I am racing to get new work done, and am be-lining it back and forth to the cities for printing! It is an adrenal rush and panic attach - all at the same time - and EVERY YEAR I tell myself that next year I will be more organized and better prepared and NOT  so behind. And if what they say 'the older you get, the smarter you get' istrue,  I should be wising up one of these years ; )  Pictured in this week's blog is one of the new Christmas card images that I've just completed painting.....THE CHRISTMAS BALL.  Yes, this is Harper, my sassy cat!  He is a real show off and makes a great model!  I caught him lounging on my living room couch one day, after someone left the door open and he snuck in the house -  I later recreated this scene in my studio with a red quilt and Christmas ornament!  If you are a cat lover, I think you will enjoy this piece too!

Today is another 'ready-set-go' day around here.....we picked 7, 5-gallon pails of tomatoes from the garden early yesterday morning - we will be busy making Salsa today ; ) The garden has just exploded this year with lots of great produce.  School Open House is today, football practice and an orthodontist appointment.  As the days are already starting to get shorter and I am reminded that fall is just around the corner (oh - and the MN State Fair kicks off tonight too!!) I enjoy and embrace the excitement of each day's activities.  

Cheers to summer!