Time Flies!

Where is this year going to....seriously....the last week of February! We have been busy at Bonnie Mohr Studio during this past week with several groups of local 4th grade students touring.  After raising five of our own children, I am glad to see that some things in life don't change in our world of technology obsession.  The children were inquisitive, full of questions, full of answers, shuffling about - each one wanting to stand as close to me as they could, as I gave a short '101' on 'how to be an artist'.  There are days I don't know how I manage to be an artist either, but I did my best to share some tips and ideas for creating paintings!  And another thing...am I shrinking or are kids just taller and bigger these days - If I would put on a plaid jacket and furry cap, I think I would blend right in!

Biggest news for this week - hurry on over to the Bonnie Mohr Studio Facebook and share the names and date of the favorite couple in your life getting married this year! We are repeating our 'loved and successful' promotion from last year, and will give away one framed I DO print to a couple getting married this year - personalized with their names and wedding date!!  Contest entries end on Sunday of this week, and the winner will be announced next Monday!

Monday, March 2nd is 'Read Across America' Day.....The National Education Association promotes this as a day of special awareness about the benefits and accolades of reading - especially for young children (March is also designated as National Reading Month)! We have teamed up with Fair Oaks Farms for a book GIVEAWAY of, Once There Were No Cows. Be sure to "like" their Facebook page and keep posted next week for this giveaway :) Fair Oaks Farms has an 'on the farm' educational learning center for both children and adults to discover how farming and agriculture work and play a major role in our world! Visit their website to learn more about planning your own visit to their incredible farm, where they feature 'Mooville', ' Green Gate Gardem',  the 'Cow Adventure', and the 'Pig Adventure'.   

Be sure to check out our 'Happenings Page' and mark your calendars for some of our events this spring/summer - Our SPRING SALE is coming up in April and you don't want to miss it! More events will be added in the upcoming weeks so check back regularly. 

Back to the easel.....the year is slipping by and I'd better get it in high gear!

Thanks for reading.....