I DO Giveaway!

On the home front we are embracing 30 below wind chills today. It is one of those days you start out with a hot cup of coffee, have another at 7 am, and another by 9 am, and so on....dress in layers and drink plenty of 'something hot' all day long!! On a day like this you hope the tractors will start, the cattle waterers will stay open, and that no cows will be calving! We have very little snow this winter however, so that helps! This will be a day for chili soup and homemade corn muffins ;)  It is also on days like this you start to dream about warmer days ahead....I just checked the calendar, spring arrives in just 30 days! Praise the Lord!! Speaking of which, Lent begins today, time for fish fries,  some extra church, and in our house 'giving up ice cream'. (Such a shame I will have to miss out on McDonalds Shamrock Shakes...my favorite ;) 

One of the most exciting and fun promotions of Bonnie Mohr Studio last year was the framed I DO print giveaway....so, we've decided to repeat this event again, beginning today! It's this easy - visit our Facebook page to enter {CLICK HERE}...Simply send us a personal message with your name along with the names of the bride and groom to be. This drawing will be for couples getting married in the calendar year 2015, so please submit their wedding date as well! No need for a story or any other details. Entries will be accepted from today through February 28th and announcing the winner on March 2nd! The winning couple will receive a framed, print of I DO with their names and wedding date personalized by Bonnie!  

Good Luck everyone ;)

Stay warm friends....thanks for reading!