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The season of Fairs!

There are so many good things to love this time of year: County and State Fairs, cool nights, sweatshirts and the hint of leaves wanting to change colors! I wish there could be at least 6 months of autumn!
AROUND THE STUDIO... It's a big mess! We are tore down and are exhibiting at the MN State Fair. Tomorrow we begin the 12 day marathon. We embrace the noise, the dust, the crying children being pushed around in strollers, the people who ask "why would anybody paint cows?", and long days from 9am-9pm! We actually love it! This is our 9th year at the GREAT MINNESOTA GET-TOGETHER.
COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... The barn is finished and it's quite awesome - now showing off a pretty gray steel roof! John is relieved this job is finished - with about 10" of rain during the project! The crops look good, considering the first 2/3 of summer were dry. We hope for an adequate crop with the rain that has arrived in these last few weeks.
FAMILY MATTERS... Our family now begins a new chapter in life - the start of phase two when children go off to college! Part of me can't believe it's already that time in our lives - and the house feels a little empty and strange with Amanda gone to college. But mostly, we are proud of her and happy to see her growing into a strong young woman, ready to face new challenges and joys in her young life! Good Luck honey - we all miss you. The county fair was super! Good weather and lots of fun times. Katelyn and Taylor left today on their State Fair trips with Dairy. The boys are signed up for 'can't get enough' football and busy practicing in the middle of the yard, and so our house stays busy! Enjoy these last weeks of summer - doing the things you love most. Hope to see some of you at the fair!! Thanks for reading...