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High Gear August

Things are in high gear around here!! It's a beautiful sunny 75 degrees today, the barn is getting roofed, the trailer just left for the county fair and I'm running around trying to be a good mom rushing to finish a painting before state fair like a chicken with my head chopped off! (I told my kids the story of butchering chickens when we were kids, and that they really do that "seriously mom - are you kidding!")
AROUND THE STUDIO... The military painting is finished and at the graphics company to begin preparation for printing. I will let the image speak for itself - and just tell you that there is more than meets the eye to this piece! Prints and giclees will be available in two weeks or so.
COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... the re-roofing project continues, the guys are half finished as I blog. It was worth tearing off all the shingles though, it brought the rain we needed!! John says if he'd a known that, he would have torn all the shingles off at least 6 weeks ago!! Anyway, its looking great. Our landscape has gone totally green again with the 7 inches of rain we were blessed with.
FAMILY MATTERS... There is not much that our family enjoys more than home made pickles. And so, it was off to the garden (kidding - the farmer's market) to get a bushel of cucs - and my wonderful neighbor, Eilene, and Jacob canned 47 quarts of her finest recipe for homemade dill pickles! We now wait, patiently marking off the days on the calendar, for our three weeks to pass by and the moment we can have our first jar of pickles!! Thanks Eilene, you're awesome!! Among other important events, we finished up back to school shopping yesterday, buried Stella in the sand, have Amanda ready to roll for college, and begin county fair tomorrow. We enter three of the busiest weeks of the summer... ready, set, go! Thanks for reading - have a super day.