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Summer fleeting by

Oh where oh where is the summer going... August... already!! The days are fleeting by and the time is getting short to squeeze in all of the summer activities!
AROUND THE STUDIO... we recently hosted a summer 4-H tour group. They toured both the Bonnie Mohr Studio and the farm. There have been a number of summer vacationers stopping through as well - thank you, we enjoy your visits. So by now, you have all figured out that my 'time accuracy' for completing new originals is not always on cue! And so it has turned out with my new military painting. This piece has been going on - well, it seems like forever... I have reached a point of exhaustion with this painting, both physically and mentally... the challenges have gone on and on. However, I believe I am into the last day or two of 'tweaks'. You will see it next week. Also, almost ready - you will be able to purchase the new 'I DO' prints and giclees in your choice of 4 new beautiful molding selections - check our website in the next few days to see your framing options!
COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... 'All hands on the barn roof!' As it goes with everything, the shingles on our dairy barn are also exhausted. Twenty five years of weathering storms and all the elements and it is time to replace them. The barn is now stripped of shingles, and is sporting several beautiful shades of plastic wrap, topped with tractor tires to hold it in place. The new steel roof will arrive later this week, for phase two of re-roofing. Third crop hay was hardly worth the fuel it took to drive through the fields to harvest it. But, the good news is that we have had an unbelievable 6" of rain this past week!!! We are thankful, and hope you got rain too (if it was as badly needed as us!).
FAMILY MATTERS... Time to prepare for the county fair. The kids have been busy washing and leading cattle, with the fair only a week away - their favorite event of the summer!! We've already done back to school shopping, today we move our oldest daughter to college, the summer baseball schedule is complete - as well as football camp, and Taylor is back home from her two weeks of gymnastics camp. We've also enjoyed some summer weddings, parades, the city celebration of Pola-czesky Days, lots of backyard campfires, and a family day at the lake! Gotta run - wishing you a great August summer day with time to do something fun! Thanks for reading...