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July is good!

Tell me how you really feel... Well, to be honest - If I'da been asked to be on God's advisory board at the beginning... I would have opted for 'NO WEEDS', or at the very least that all domesticated plants, flowers and shrubs be equally hardy as weeds. I spent the better part of the weekend weeding. This morning, my fingers hurt (now how am I suppose to paint today??) my back is aching, the weeds continue to grow and I'm only half done! On the contrary, if this is my worst problem - life isn't so bad! Thought you might enjoy this shot of my hydrangea's - they are so beautiful this summer!
AROUND THE STUDIO.......We are getting ready for a tour group coming in tomorrow to see both the farm and the studio. Planning is underway for the MN State Fair. We are going through inventory and getting things ordered. It will be here all too fast!! The summer e-newsletter just mailed this past Friday. If you didn't get a copy and would like to receive it, please send us an email or call the shop and we will be sure to send you one! (We mail e-newsletters about 6 times per year)
COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... Our biggest concern right now are the dry conditions. We need rain - soon. The corn is trying hard to tassel right now, but without rain - things are almost at a stand-still. In between hay crops, John is busy these days doing maintenance work and starting to get ready for fall harvest.
FAMILY MATTERS... Second daughter Katelyn has been busy with many dairy events and parades this summer as one of the McLeod County Dairy Ambassadors. Pictured here at two of her events - along with the other ambassadors and princesses... she has enjoyed this opportunity to promote the dairy industry and represent McLeod County. Good Job Kate! And now that baseball has ended - and wrestling camp is finished - the boys have time for the river! It reminds me of a picture of 'yester-year' - it is proof that in our world of fast paced craziness and electronics - some things never change, like boys swimming and having good ol' fashioned fun in the creek! Time to get busy painting! Thanks for reading...