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These are the best days - early sunrises, warm sunshine days, cool evenings and a minimal mosquito crop in MN are being enjoyed by everyone. If only the days wouldn't go so fast - you go to bed on Monday and wake up to Friday - what happened!! Between all the work and play, it seems you just can't pack enough into each summer day!
AROUND THE STUDIO... as promised, here is a sneak-peak at the new military painting I've been working on. I should wrap it up this week with final touches, and will unveil it next week - completed! Once again, this is a piece I though I would produce in 2 weeks, but the journey has turned into a 5 week adventure. It has been a very enjoyable, meaningful, and refreshing painting to work on. It has not been without it's share of struggles, but that is par for the course I guess.
COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... Normal stuff - a few new calves still arriving, baling road ditch hay, regrouping and sorting cattle, milking cows and selling bulls! John stays busy all day long, every day - just like all farmers. The maintenance is endless and thankless - sort of like me trying to wash clothes and keep the house clean... it just never ends!! We are getting dry... again. Things are starting to look brown - we pray for rain!
FAMILY MATTERS... Off to our friend's cabin! We did sneak away for an 'up north' long weekend. A beautiful log cabin, tucked into an even more beautiful and scenic woods and waterfront. We fished off the dock, had plenty of boat riding, perfect 80 degree weather, and an awesome fish fry! It was wonderful! We keep running with the kids, like all families - pictured here is Taylor with a group of girls who attended Lake Owen Gymnastics Camp in Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago. She continues to work hard, advancing her skills with year-round training. The other kids are busy with summer jobs, ball games, parades and getting ready for college! More summer updates next week!! Still trying to catch up, and keep up - hope you are doing the same! Thanks for reading,