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State Fair and School

It's Sunday, September 13, 8:14am. The sun is shining, the fog is just beginning to lift and as I sit here painting, I hear the milk truck arrive to pick up the milk that has been produced in the last 24 hours. This is a moment in time when I feel blessed. I smile and sit quietly listening to these subtle country pleasures that most people never realize. What is a sleepy Sunday morning for most, is yet another 5am dawning of chores for my husband John and every other dairy farmer in the world. So enough day dreaming, it's time to gather everyone for a quick breakfast and off to church!
AROUND THE STUDIO... There are moments in life, when you feel a giant overwhelmingness (is that even a word?) of an event or obligation and when you have completed the mission - you would secretly like to be recognized, or wear a medal of achievement, or just something that would give acknowledgment to the fact that YOU DID IT, YOU SURVIVED AND TRIUMPHED!! I have come to love exhibiting my artwork at the MN State Fair and embracing the explosion of work, people, food and chaos that goes along with this 12 day extravaganza... however, accompanied with the demands and duties of being a mother, wife, and employer, it seems the mind and body are taxed to keeping pace with the heart's desire. So, just for the record - WE DID IT- ALL 12 DAYS OF THE MN STATE FAIR and enjoyed it all, especially our fans and customers. See you again next year?..or at our Open House Events this fall!! A big Thank you to my GREAT Staff - Diane, Lana, Karen, Jayne, Nancie, John and Steve... these are hard working, extraordinary people who never complain and always give it 100%! THANK YOU!!
FAMILY MATTERS... What would life be without routines?? Even crazier than normal I guess. And just what is normal anyway? Someone recently told me 'It's just a setting on the dryer!' I agree. So, school is back in session, and so far, so good. I am the annoying mother who has to gather all the kids on the first morning of school for the infamous 'THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL' picture. Someday, they will look back and thank me!! The kids are all growing and reaching new stages of skills, talents, wants and needs. My heartstrings are tugged however, when I look at this picture and see one face missing. Our oldest is off to college now - and I face the inevitable time of life when we let go and let our children fly on their own!! It's a bittersweet moment, but a necessary and good process of life. Stay safe children and God Bless all teachers and school bus drivers!! Light an AUTUMN HARVEST or PUMPKIN SPICE candle today! I did! Thanks for reading...