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Off to World Dairy Expo

This blog will be short and sweet! We leave for World Dairy Expo in less than an hour - and I still have 5 hours of work to do!! You would think that after going to this show for 23 years I could learn to plan ahead a little better... subconsciously I must love the 'rush'. Harvest is well under way... we have just a small amount of corn silage left to chop. The crop has yielded quite well... and the beans aren't far off. We've had no frost yet... unusually warm days as a matter of fact. The temps are hanging in the 70's, which is an unusual treat. Along with autumn and the ripening of the apples, comes football. Both Jacob and Zach are playing football this year. Pictured here is 5th grader Jacob with the Silver Lake Lions team. These guys are as hungry for football as I am for sweetcorn at the beginning of summer! They play their hearts out. Good Job guys. We look forward to seeing many of you this week in Madison, WI for World Dairy Expo. It will be a fun and exciting week. More when I get back... Thanks for reading.