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The Pains of Painting

Painful. There's really no better word to describe life in my studio the last couple of weeks. After spending January watching painting videos, making 11 painting charts, and doing a fair amount of reading and studying art technique, my course of lately has been to use these new things to break out of my normal painting routine, and try to refresh my style - become more "painterly" (love that word). After 20 some years of painting "tight," this is easier said than done. This is like re-teaching myself to color - outside the lines, to let it rip - with a paint brush in my hand. I am starting to think, it would go better if I would just blindfold myself, or paint at night with the lights out and see what I get.  Seriously, the transition of going from "tight" to "painterly" has me in a spin. But, (this time the "but" is a good thing :)), I will keep trying, and as painful as it is, it is equally exciting. Rome wasn't built in a day either, and I suspect that the learning curve will be well worth it. So anyway, here's a sneak peek at something new - "a crow painting."  No, no, wait......a "painterly crow painting" - tune in for my next blog, and I will tell you more about it! Happy Hump Day! Thanks for reading............ Bonnie