The Holiday Season!

Tis the Season to be Jolly... Fa la la la la la la la la! Now that we have snow, I am beginning to feel the Christmas Spirit! The days are shorter, the temps are colder and we Minnesotan's are wearing our long johns! With the sounds of Christmas playing on the radio and school holiday concerts about to begin, my mind thinks about all the family activities ahead and traditions that we will embrace during this joyous and holy time of the year! 

IN THE STUDIO... Our weekends continue to be filled with 'OPEN HOUSE'!!! It's a bit of a marathon, but my entire family seems to enjoy the coming and going of customers, and they also love the freshly baked bars and cookies that fill the platters every weekend! We've enjoyed seeing all of you, and look forward to more traffic this weekend, as we approach our last Open House weekend. Please note, we will be open on Saturdays in December from 10am to 1pm. We also hosted a tour group from Vita Plus Corporation yesterday! What fun... these were dairy farmer wives too... so we all had a lot in common. Our doors are always open for groups to visit and shop the studio,... call ahead to get on the schedule! Also, if you haven't seen the footage of America's Heartland story on 'Bonnie Mohr Studio'... just go to my website, and click on 'COOL STUFF' and you'll see it there! 

COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... Things are pretty quiet now on the farm. But all of you who have background in dairy farming know that there is really never a break. The cows still need to be cared for, fed and milked twice each day! The schedule of winter meetings is already begun, and so John is off attending a meeting here and there. 

FAMILY MATTERS... After two days off of school last week for Thanksgiving break, the children are all back in school - beginning their 2nd trimester. Several of the kids attending the State Championship Football game of the GSL Panthers at the Dome, where they took home the title of 'Champs' once again. Congratulations Panthers and Coaches!! Other than that, wrestling has begun "oh joy" the season of even more rumbling and tumbling around the house. Jacob thinks he is big man on campus - now that he can pick me up and throw me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. This has become a daily regimen! Stay warm dear friends... and don't forget to give to the food shelf - this time of the year they depend on folks like us to help out! Happy Reading...