Thanksgiving Preparations

AROUND THE STUDIO... Greetings everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! The Bonnie Mohr Studio is exciting this time of year. The variety of cars and trucks visiting the shop alone is enough to make my mouth water (You know, since I'm still driving my Ford Windstar Mini-Van with 190,000 miles on it - if temps get up to 36 today, which they are suppose to, I will give her a good washing, she does look like a pig in mud right now... but then, that's gravel roads for ya!). Ok, enough of that. Anyway, the Open House's continue, please visit the website for details, and put us on your schedule if time allows. We love having you visit the showroom and the farm too. Also, remember that we offer Gift Certificates - making your shopping a breeze and our holiday special is 'Buy any two prints and the third one is free'. 

COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... John is still moving cattle around, rearranging the room and board situation for all of them. The plowing will be complete soon, and he is finishing up winterizing everything outside. Fortunately, we have had very little snow so far, and temps should get into the high 30's all week... we give thanks for that too! 

FAMILY MATTERS... We are busy preparing the house and farm for guests and family that will be arriving soon for Thanksgiving! This is one of my favorite holidays, as there is no stress about the 'present thing'. Rather, the gathering of family, time for fellowship, and good food - along with celebrating heritage and giving thanks - make this the most memorable holiday for me. Our house will be full with over 30 guests and everyone will be bringing a dish to share (including turkey of course!). We are all excited. Meanwhile the kids are busy with tests this week, and wrapping up the end of the first trimester. Zachary and I assisted Jacob with painting his Landform project for school. And I must share a picture of Taylor... she's just celebrated her 14th birthday, and the long awaited moment of getting her braces off! Looking good Tay! My staff and I wish each of you a week of peace, blessings and a very Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for reading,