The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift Of All by Bonnie Mohr

Nestled in the comfort of barns, all across rural America, animals are nestled in the warmth of each other during this winter time of the year. I can't help but to think about how it was on that holy night, so many years ago, when baby Jesus entered the world, also in a barn - and the warmth of the animals comforted Him and Mary and Joseph. This painting, "The Greatest Gift of All" hangs in my entryway every year and blankets our house with the real meaning of Christmas. It's message is a reminder of the joy and love we share during this special time of the year.  

Our house is especially busy these days with final preparations for Christmas - as I'm sure yours is too! I have filled the kids stockings 3 days in a row now.....not one of them have noticed!! The stockings are plump and getting heavy and will surely drop off the mantle if someone doesn't check them soon. Would someone please text one of my kids and let them know!!  LOL! My counter is lined with all the ingredients to prepare our traditional holiday dishes, soups and cookies. Yesterday, in between chores and Jacob's wrestling match, we rolled out our first batch of sugar cut-out cookies, our families top choice Christmas cookie! Beautiful.....and they taste as good as they look! What are your holiday favorites?


As the year winds down, and the holiday events continue to unfold, I am thankful and grateful for you -  the wonderful people who support and visit and stop by Bonnie Mohr Studio. You make my job special and worthy, you bring meaning to what I do. Thank you for the opportunity to paint and share it with you. Blessings and peace to you and your families during this magical time of the year!

Happy Holidays -