I am painting!

As I awoke this morning, my tired body and brain resisted the screaming alarm, but with a long list of things TO DO today dancing in my head, I threw back the covers and jumped out of bed like a fire drill! The beauty of adrenaline is that there is no turning back - I quickly dressed and b-lined into my new day.  The thing about December is, a person really could lose their mind! The list is long and the days are short.  Amidst the mayhem - I have squeaked out some time to paint - yeah!  John asked me the other day, 'So, what are you painting?' - I told him what I tell everyone when I'm not even sure myself, or if I am having trouble...."It's a surprise!!" Hence, you get to see the back and not the front of my canvas today - but rest assured - I am painting ;)

Someone recently asked me if it is hard to paint with interruptions and getting only short fragments of time, like one hour here and there, which seems to be the case lately - yes, this does seem to make it difficult. Take Monday for example, I had a full day of painting planned along with a Chiropractor appointment. The day yielded no painting and a cancelled Chiro. appointment - I ended up in the doctor's office with our youngest, Zach, for a CT Scan revealing a broken foot and then back again later that day for a cast to be put on.  Another 'surprise' moment in my life ;) I don't know who felt worse, me or him!

I have not even started Christmas shopping yet, and for some unknown reason to me I decided to send Christmas cards this year - maybe because I haven't done so for 10 years, or that I actually captured a family photo this summer, or with Kate getting married in January, it is our final Christmas photo before we grow into a new family.  Sometimes when my list gets too long, a stress reducer becomes necessary.....that can range from shopping, to drinking a glass of wine or maybe even cooking. I have had such a hankering for squash lately.....so cooking it was!  I whipped up a batch of homemade Butternut Squash Soup yesterday - let me just say - this stuff can fix any problem or stress you may have ;)  Click here for full recipe!

Thanks to everyone for your support and love during the holidays and for visiting us during our Open House this past weekend!  Your presence is a gift to us - and we are thankful for your friendship and enjoyed seeing everyone.  

If you missed it....I just have to show off our fabulous Becky Bake's Cookies....seriously.....you would drive 1000 miles for these! Not even kidding ;)

Reminder - to ensure Christmas delivery for Bonnie Mohr Studio art work, last day to order is Friday, December 18th.  Aside from a national snowstorm we will be able to deliver your gifts if ordered by Friday, December 18th. Feel free to shop after that date too, people still love getting presents after Christmas! My personal pick of the week is BELIEVE - I love this painting and it is perfect for this season, available as cards, prints and giclees!

Enjoy the season friends,