Christmas is coming!

December 17!!  One week from today is Christmas Eve Day - "No Way" I keep telling myself -  "Way, way, wait a minute - yes it's true!"  It's that time of the year I lose my head from spinning in every which direction and my list is so long it is choking me as I spin - you know what I mean - you're in the same boat I am, aren't you?!  No matter what, it is still that magical time of the year, when final Christmas preparations are being made, the kitchen smells extra good with holiday cooking, and shoppers are scurrying  here and there to get last minute gifts (or is that next week?).   Speaking of shoppers, these two cutie-pies stopped by the shop this past week with their mom to pick up some Christmas gifts - not only were they witty and adorable - smart too - just look at the great book they snatched up!! Need a copy, just shop online today for your copy of ONCE THERE WERE NO COWS! All orders placed by tomorrow, Friday December 18 will ship in time for Christmas - barring a National snowstorm you will get it before the 25th!   We also have a great selection of framed art in the studio - we can ship direct from here and get it to you in time - call today 320.864.6642 ; )

Well friends - the week is on ......homemade fudge, English Toffee, Gingerbread men,  Cut-out Sugar cookies, popcorn balls, caramel corn and let's not forget the clam chowder soup, dressing, and mashed potatoes - the list of temptations is long, and the time is short - it really is the one week of the year that dieting rules need not apply, so do enjoy!  Remember to take a little ' you time' too - do it - sit in your easy chair tonight, put on some Christmas Carols and have a Hot Toddy, bring home some Pizza Ranch tonight - you deserve a night off from cooking, and for Pete's sake don't forget to buy yourself the perfect Christmas gift to put under the tree (but have someone else wrap it so you can be surprised!), and most importantly - remember the reason for the season - plan now to gather your family for church service next week - you'll be glad you did!

Happy Count-down Thursday -