The Countdown to Christmas!

Christmas is closing in - 11 more days to shop, get the cards sent, and plan for the family festivities!  UPS has alerted us that this Friday, Dec. 16th is the last day to ship with a guaranteed delivery before Christmas. We have a great selection of framed art in the studio and can get it shipped for you today - give us a call at 320.864.6642

Don't forget about Gift Certificates....they won't shrink in the wash, are the perfect color, and offer the biggest gift selection possible for the discerning loved ones on your list ; )

Last Friday night was the annual Holiday Christmas Party for Bonnie Mohr Studio - can one ever have too much fun, eat too much, sip too many?  Yes, I think so - we did it and had the most wonderful time (never mind the pool tournament and Left-Right Christmas Game!!) Every so often, I host the party at my house, this was one of those years and we did a good ole fashioned potluck - I am convinced there is nothing better or more fun!  One dish, better than the next rolled through the front door, and pretty soon we were rolling!  What a wonderful staff I am blessed with and what a wonderful evening of fun and fellowship - thank you for being such a great team!  Just have a look!! 

Once an employee has been with you for more than 25 years....they are family!!  Thank you Karen and Elaine - you are the best!!

And then there is Jayne.....this girl has been with me for the entire journey - you're one in a million girl!

Food, food, food and more food..................

And friendship and love, lots and lots of friendship and love....................

Have a very Merry day friends -