Oh What Fun!

Morning Calls by Bonnie Mohr

Each December, about the second or third week, I need to stop, take a minute, and get a grip.  Do you know this feeling? I have lost my Santa list and have no idea where I am with present buying, the boxes of Christmas decoration are put back into the closet but I am still tweaking and fixing the house - replacing light bulbs, adding sprigs of evergreen here and there, greeting guests at the Studio, trying to get a few hours of painting in each day...and then I realize I need to STOP, DROP AND ENJOY this season or it will be gone before I even have a chance to embrace it all ;)  As I drove through town last night on our way to Zach's Basketball game, the festive light show of house after house being lit up with lots of Christmas lights was like the light bulb coming on for me...OH MY GOSH, it is Christmas! I love this time of year, even though it is extra crazy busy ;)

Thank you everyone for coming out to our Gala Open House this past weekend. Oh what fun ;)  I am in awe of the wonderful people near and far who travel to our event...thank you thank you.  Your presence is the present!  The joy and happiness you bring to our shop, bring us joy and happiness!  We were blessed with great weather, lots of jolly people, and the best darn 'Becky Bakes' cookies ever!!


It's always extra special when your kids come home to enjoy the festivities too - Amanda was able to join us for the Open House and brought her good friends from Sartell with her ; )

Just a little reminder, next Friday, December 16th is the last day to order merchandise for guaranteed Christmas delivery.  You can order right up till December 25 if you wish, but we cannot promise it will be under your tree on Christmas day!  

Finally, a little house keeping!  Unbeknown to us, we have had a slight hick-up with our email sign-up form on our website.  It appears that many people who have signed up for our e-blasts over the past year were not getting any from us, and we discovered that the signup option was not functioning properly!  Oooops...if you have not been receiving promotional emails from us (which announce all of our sales and new art releases!)...please sign up again HERE, we think we have the bug worked out of it now! So sorry friends ; )  

Whether you're baking, shopping, sipping eggnog or hanging lights today - thanks for taking time to drop by the Bonnie Mohr Blog !

Happy Ho Ho Ho Holidys!