Christmas Cheer!

The Greatest Gift of All by Bonnie Mohr

The holidays are so big, so much. There doesn't seem like enough time, this time of year, to take it all in...the decorating, shopping, baking, wrapping, singing, entertaining, eating, and then more eating and the endless hubbub of just everything!  It is also a time of reflecting on the joys of family and the friendship of loved ones.  It is time to reflect on the year that is about to close and the one that is about to unfold.  Subconsciously though, it is the time of year that more than anything else, I just love being with my family - especially now that the older ones are gone from home.  The anticipation of us all being together makes me happier than I can even parallels the real celebration of the real meaning of this time of year.. of that Holy Night so long ago when Mary gave birth to our Savior Jesus. It is still the most wondrous event, and greatest gift known to mankind, that happened in a barn (or cave if you like that version better), on a cold wintery night with animals for an audience, on a blanket of straw.  After having five of my own, it is humbling to say the least, that I'm not sure I could've embraced these circumstances the way Mary did!  What a champ!  Not sure anyone has ever called her a "champ" before, but it is true.  In our modern times of instant everything, ultra conveniences, lavish homes, not to mention spa treatments, dining out, and hundreds of ways to pamper ourselves, my heart feels connected to the moment she gave birth to her baby boy, just as John and I did (spiritually that is, I did the physical part ;) on five separate occasions; ) We celebrate this immaculate miracle during this beautiful season of Christmas!

Speaking of children...this is a special shout out to our third daughter Taylor, who graduated this past week from the University of Minnesota - Carlson School of Business!!  Whoot whoot!  Well done Taylor, you make dad and I so proud.  She will be starting a full time marketing position soon with Target Corporation! CONTRATULATIONS TAYLOR!!

She's not only smart, she bakes too! Our kitchen was filled with the most unbelievable 'deliciousness' yesterday, when to my surprise she was downstairs whipping up these holiday Eggnog Cookies.  Check out the recipe HERE.

The talent runs deep in our family though...we did our traditional baking day this past Sunday...have a peek!! Good thing I don't wear a belt much, it would be one of those weeks of "going to the next notch".  Ha!  Fa la la la la, la la la la. 

Wishing you a beautiful, love-filled Christmas with all the special people in your lives!

Love and cheer -