The Beginning of my Summer

Summer has officially started for me this week ; )  Throughout my life, there have been numerous occasions where the phrase "better late than never"  is my story.  This is one of those times.  I have officially completed all 16 paintings for my new children's book, and the design and layout of the book is press-ready.  We are completing last minute proofing edits this week, and I am excited to report that the book will be off to the printer next week!!  You know what that means......!!!!!!  Yes, we are planning to have the book ready for sale at World Dairy Expo!  Next weeks blog will contain a preview and title unveiling - be sure to check back then ; )
And so....I have now been able to get out of the house and studio a bit more freely in this past week, and enjoy the sites, sounds and smells of summer.  A trip to the garden was at the top of my list.  Thankfully the kids have been mowing and tilling the weeds, and the tomatoes are growing quite well.  I can't say it will be a bumper crop, but enough to make all the salsa we want, in about a month or so.  The squash looks healthy, even though it is behind schedule, we will hope for a late frost. 
Sitting on the front porch the last few evenings, grilling, and taking in our hometown summer celebration this past weekend were all great summer events that I've enjoyed - now that I've met my deadline.  Life actually seems a little surreal - picking up a more normal pace and lifestyle again, but also realizing that County Fairs are in full swing and the beginning of school is less than 4 weeks away.  I have a lot to pack into August to make up for May, June and July! 
Until next week - ENJOY SUMMER -  thanks for reading!