Oatmeal Breakfast & Art!

Recently, a tour group visited Bonnie Mohr Studio, and during the Q&A part of my presentation, a question was asked "What made you decide to become an artist".  This is a perplexing question, even today after 25 years of painting and being an artist.  For me it parallels the likes of "Why is the grass green, or why is the sky blue?"  There are many days I am as amazed to be doing what I am doing, as I am joyful  and content. 

My answer to this question is quite simple, 'Because this is what God wants me to do, and these are the skills he has given me to use.'  We are all blessed with unique skill sets, interests, fascinations, and loves - these are the things that guide us to our calling...to know what we can do and are capable of.  My fascination with color, design, and the urge to pick up a paint brush, or piece of chalk or color crayon was obvious from a young age on.  Life most things in life it grows and matures as you do.  I suppressed the idea that I could actually be an artist however, and went to college for Dairy Production and Ag Communications, continuing to dabble in my art on weekends.  As my paintings improved and my confidence grew, I reached a point that I started to promote my work and landed a commission of a bull painting for a company.  I left my job and decided to try and really be an 'Artist'. 

Looking back over the years, it has been a wonderful journey filled with surprises, rewards and blessings beyond belief.  Like everything else in life, there also were and continue to be moments of disappointment, trial, and way more work than you ever thought.  Today, I am excited about the paintings to come and the new inspirations that continue to beckon me.  Being motivated is a key to becoming a success at anything in life.  Loving what you do, and being excited about the results you can produce are the things that keep me going.  The rest is balance: getting sleep, eating good whole foods, exercise and time for prayer.  What motivates you?  Find your passions and you've found the things that will inspire and stimulate your energy to accomplish great things! 

This summer I have discovered my new favorite breakfast - if you like oatmeal, you will love this!  I hope you will enjoy it, and be energized to do whatever it is you do best today ; )  Oatmeal Breakfast.

Get the full recipe: CLICK HERE!

Thanks for reading....have a wonderful summer day!