Children's Book Title Announced!

Today is a big moment for me - actually, the past 8 months have brought me to this day, this blog, and this moment ... the announcement of my new children's book!  I have labored the title of this book for many months.  I have polled close family and friends.  I have researched children's book titles - and in the end, I stuck with my original title idea, as it simply resonated with me, right down to my toes.  

I have been patiently waiting for a good story idea, and have wanted to do a children's book for several years.  One evening, this past October, during the wee hours of the night as I was in the studio painting, the idea came, loud and clear.  As I got up to stretch from my work, at about 2 am, the idea struck like a bolt of lightning!  In my head, the title was announced, I went to the computer, sat down, and wrote the story in about an hour.  Probably one of the most magical events of my life.  The 4 months that followed were spent tweaking, modifying, changing, and revising the story - over and over.  In the end,  my editing led me right back to my original words and title, with very few edits.  February - July were spent creating 16 original oil paintings for this book, and I am extremely happy  to announce that the book left for the printer on Monday!  We are on track to have books complete by the end of September, which will debut at World Dairy Expo.  (Please watch your email however, we will begin pre-sales on September 15th!)

By now, you have surely forgotten about the title - right?  Gosh, this almost makes me nervous.....(drum roll please).......the new title of my children's book is....... Once There Were No Cows!  More details will follow in upcoming blogs, but the jest of the story is a retelling of creation and the beginning of time, and why God created the cow!  If you love animals, especially cows, and enjoy books with big pictures and a heartwarming storyline, I think you will share in my excitement for 'Once There Were No Cows!'

Thanks for reading - and for sharing in the excitement of this new book!


Photo Title: Pre-Press color proofing on images for the new Children's Book