Proof of the Book - COMPLETE!

It's funny how a person perceives some things in life to be more simple than they really are.  When I set out to create a children's book, my timeline was for a finished product by Aug. 1st.  As the paintings were evolving, and the marketing and promotion plans being developed, the list of things to do kept growing.  Creating a press release, sales brochure, and keeping up with Social Media were just a few more things that needed time and attention.  This book project seems a bit like having a baby - the first time through - you don't really know how to do things and life is a 'learn as you go' event!  You just jump in and do the best you can.  By the time the 5th baby comes along, you got things down to a pretty good routine, heck the babies can almost take care of themselves!  LOL   Anyway, the book has now been pre-press approved, and is scheduled to be printing the first week of the GREAT NEWS is that we are on track with our modified schedule and it is getting EXCITING! 

Today is the opening day of the MN State Fair!  Whoo Hoo!  I LOVE the fair and am filled with mixed emotions that I am not there this year as an exhibitor.  After 13 year of having a booth there for Bonnie Mohr Studio, we made the decision to let it go - with other new projects and new directions developing here at the Studio, it was a choice that we felt was best for our future and growth ; )  Hence, we celebrated the State Fair anyway with our big 25% off online sale yesterday!  We would like to say - THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO ENJOYED THE SALE OPPORTUNITY  AND SHOPPED WITH US!  Wishing all of you who are off to the fairs right now, good luck and lots of fun.  Be sure to eat something fun and extraordinary while you're at the fair.  My personal favorite is the Australian Potatoes!  (Get both Ranch and Cheese sauce for dipping!)

Although it is Thursday already, my list of TO DO has me lagging behind with things yet to be checked off of Monday's, Tuesday's, and Wednesday's  lists.  Before the week is over, we will be making salsa (not as much this year however, the tomato crop is only half of last year), taking the boys school shopping , working on a slideshow for the book, and have plans for one last day at a friend's cabin.  I better get moving.....

Thanks for reading, have a blessed day -