Goodbye Sweet Summer

The sweetness of summer is nearing the homestretch - back to school shopping is complete, the sumac is starting to turn red, and I have a hankering for anything pumpkin coming on!  We have been blessed with one of the most beautiful weeks of weather - EVER!  Perfect summer days around 75 degrees, no humidity, and I'm not sure why, but the mosquitoes are gone.  There is a wonderful delight in days like this, but also a shadow of disbelief that summer is soon over.  We have enjoyed some super fun lake time, made salsa, and spent many evenings living on the porch.  And so, as we head to Memorial Day weekend, our house will be busy taking in the last few days of the MN State Fair, attending our High Schools first home football game of the season, and decorating the house for autumn!  

Around the shop, there is a hum of business comparable to Santa's workshop.  My team is working through their list of preparation for World Dairy Expo.  We thought we would try something new this year - to be organized and pack early - so we don't all have to be up all hours of the night the week of.  What a great concept!!  In less than five weeks, we will be in Madison WI for our biggest event of the year - we are super excited about this year as we will be debuting our new children's book ONCE THERE WERE NO COWS.  Speaking of which, I am scheduled to be on press with it next week.  Stay posted for updated pictures next week ; ) 

For now - wishing you HAPPY Summer Days, as the season winds down!

Thanks for Reading,