Thankful & Grateful for YOU!

The Home Place, By Bonnie Mohr

This is exactly what Minnesota looks like today! It is still dark outside as I am up early to write my blog this morning, but gazing out the window at the yard light creates a euphoria all it's is like the best snow-globe you can imagine. I now pack up my denial that winter is coming, put it in a box, and stow it away for awhile...winter is here!  Life is just too short to buck the system, but gosh just think about the possibilities if you could control the weather ; )

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Mostly, I am thankful on this Thanksgiving Eve day for so many things. Family, friends, good health and you - thank you for sharing in my journey as an artist and giving me the opportunity to share what is in my head and heart and hands, with you. I wish you love, peace and time to be with your families and the people you love this Thanksgiving!  

There are a million other things to be thankful for too. It's true - as we get older, we really do start to appreciate both the big and little things even more! Not that I'm getting old, but older than I used to be! Here is my list of '25 other things' that I am thankful for!

  1. Shoes - for all that I own and hope to own in the future
  2. Stillness - and the power it has to renew you
  3. Dogs - they love you and are happy to see you, no matter what
  4. Happy Hour
  5. Laughter - you can never ever laugh too much
  6. Warm socks 
  7. Cows 
  8. A good cup of Coffee
  9. Finding money in your pocket of last year's winter coat
  10. Color - it makes the world so much prettier
  11. My dishwasher
  12. The person who unloads my dishwasher 
  13. Christmas music - actually, all music
  14. Good employees (I have 5 of these ; )
  15. Wine.  Wine.  Wine. 
  16. Homemade pumpkin pie (or Schwan's in a pinch)
  17. Fresh cut flowers
  18. Children, because they are  hilarious & brutally  honesty
  19. Church, try it - you'll like it
  20. Indoor plumbing - especially if you live where there is snow and mosquitoes
  21. Today
  22. The Farmer's Market
  23. Pick-up Trucks - they are a necessity to life
  24. Clean water
  25. Patient and knowledgeable clerks
  26. Butter and Ketchup, on everything 

I know, there are 26, but I just couldn't omit the butter and ketchup thing! 

Have a happy beautiful day everyone!!

Thankful for you,


PS.  For those who follow my, I did not find my outdoor Christmas lights.  Now, I have two sets of outdoor lights - the new set I bought and put up and the old set which is hiding somewhere :/  If however, you are the person who came and stole my outdoor Christmas lights - go ahead and put them up, they work great ;)