November Happenings!

God Bless America's Heroes by Bonnie Mohr

Hello Hello from Rich Valley Township - there will be a million election commentaries today, so I will spare you my two cents worth EXCEPT, I would like to publicly congratulate John boy on his win to the Rich Valley Township Board!  Whoot whoot!  ( I know, this is two blogs back to back with "Whoot Whoots" in them, but it just seems so fitting)  I'm not sure John is so much a politician as he is a caring, level-headed farmer who believes in making good spending and community decisions that really can and do affect the common people!  His new political career begins today, CONGRATULATIONS JOHN!

The frenzy of activity continues at Bonnie Mohr Studio!  We had a glorious November weekend for our first Gala Open House this past weekend!  It was one of those days to celebrate autumn with a rake in one hand and a smore, stick in the other - but we are so grateful and happy that so many of you also found time to visit us at Bonnie Mohr Studio!  Open House events are truly the best times of the year for us - meeting all of you, helping each person pick out the perfect gifts and kicking off the Holiday Season with shopping extraordinaire! Thank you everyone for your kind words, happy faces, and kindred spirits - we love you!  Here are a few glimpses of our event. 

Our busy social media manager Shay tried out a Facebook Live Video that day - it was very impromptu and a fun opportunity to bring "us to you" for everyone who couldn't be here that day - Click here to take a look!

And, as I promised - here is my pumpkin bar recipe! YOU WILL LOVE THESE!

We now regroup, reorder, and re-inventory for the next big Gala Event on December 2 & 3 - more details HERE.  Plan now to attend - we hope to see you then!! 

I gotta for a college visit today with Senior son Jacob!! The days are flying by and we are squeezing as much as we can into the remaining 52 days of 2016!!

Hope to see you all in December at the next Open House!!


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