The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Things are ready to roll at Bonnie Mohr Studio for our second Gala Holiday Open House this weekend! The weather looks great (even if there isn't any snow), the famous Becky Bakes cookies will be arriving late Thursday (YEAH!) and we have restocked EVERYTHING in the shop. We are excited to see you and remember that everything in the shop will be 10% off for the Open House this Friday and Saturday! 

The 2017 Cow Calendars are getting into low inventory; order today if you still would like one, as we will not be getting anymore shipments on these. Gift Certificates are plentiful and make the perfect gift for everyone - order HERE!!

On a personal note, the Mohr's are switching things up a bit this year...forever, we had a REAL tree - and then due to the "Droppingneedle Syndrome" and "WhydoIhavetowaterthetree Disease" that settled into our home...we switched to an artificial one. Over the past 5 years or so, I've learned that these pre-lit extravaganzas aren't all they are cracked up to be either! We were up to about 15 different strings of lights on that baby, only half of them worked, and it just looked like a train-wreck, and so the boys pleaded that we would get a REAL tree again this year...and so we did!  

OH WHAT FUN!! And I mean that....

It filled out our Sunday and nurtured my heart as a mom as the kids are growing up all too fast and soon it will be just John and I putting up the tree ourselves (darn, that means I will have to drink all the Eggnog myself - LOVE LOVE LOVE EGGNOG!!)  

Thankfully I didn't fall off the ladder, (note the boys settled on the couch behind the ladder, at least it starts out as a family project - LOL) we decided to put the tree up on a table this year, so we could leave John's remote control comfy chair in the living room - it's all about the priorities friends ; )  

Be good, or be naughty, but just be with your friends and family during this special time of year ; )

Hope to see you this weekend -