Summer Is Moving Quickly!

July is almost half over and that means one thing, summer is about half over too! Every year, I wake up one morning in July and need to take a big deep breath so I don't freak out about 'how fast this year is going'! Speaking of waking up - the sky's are brilliant this time of year - it's so worth being an early riser just to enjoy the sunrises! I thought the cloud formations were especially beautiful this morning!

My list of 'things I want to get done this summer' is starring me smack in the face - at the top of the list is to get my bike into town for a tune-up so I can get in some summer bike riding, which I love but have failed at for the past two summers! We also need to get the patio/fire pit done in the back yard. Well, first we should think about getting it started I suppose - although we have our man for the job selected and it is already measured up! We have a graduation party next spring to get ready for and this patio has been on the TO DO list for 3 years now - giddy-up - and let's get this thing done!!

Here is the upcoming graduate himself - rather handsome young man if I do say so myself.....Jake, our Senior, is on the far left, brother Zach center, and John boy to the right. I snapped this picture the other night at Trap Shooting! Our boys shoot for the 'Cowboy Clippers'. What a fine looking crew - don't you think!

My days are spent painting, washing clothes, cleaning house, watering flowers, weeding, gardening, washing more clothes, cleaning the front porch, cooking and then more painting - can you tell my girls are all out of the house this summer! Whew- this has been my first solo summer with none of my girls here to help me out - it has made for extra busy days - no need to go to the gym!! HA - I seem to get my aerobic workout right here! Life is great though - I have reclaimed my kitchen back and now, can find everything again ; ) The house is also a little less crazy with just me and the boys - and on quiet evenings I find some extra painting time (YEAH) so that is good too! I find a different calm and relaxing zone at night, unlike mornings, as I'm winding down the day - it seems I lose track of time and the next thing it is 11:30 or midnight!! I am super excited about the new series I will am working on - details to come soon! For now, I better wrap this up - I need to get that bike to town - maybe I will see you on the Luce Line Trail this summer ; )

Love to all -