You can do what with Kale?!

Happy July! What?? Is it really July already - pinch me! On second thought, let's just hold on that whole pinching idea - someone usually ends up getting hurt - ha! As far as I can tell, I am on track with summer - we have grilled at least a hundred times, built a bunch of campfires in the back yard, had wine on the front porch (lost count!), and picked at least a semi-load of Kale from the garden!  Is anyone else having a bumper crop of Kale this year, holy-moly!! This past week, I've made sautéed Kale, Kale Chips, Kale smoothies, Kale-cups (in muffin tins for the freezer), and invented Kale soup.  I know, I know - can one have too much of a good thing???  I did learn, however, you can freeze kale through this abundance Kale crop year experience - check it out - Click HERE!

OK, let's get down to business! My REAL FACES OF DAIRY painting is complete! YEAH! I love how this painting turned out - you can read more about it HERE. Also, questions are being asked if you will receive free kale from Bonnie Mohr with the purchase of this print - LOL - just kidding!! The question is 'Will this painting be available as a print or giclee?'  Yes, it will - I'm not sure of details yet, but keep watching, it should be available by World Dairy Expo!

Lots of exciting things are happening at Bonnie Mohr Studio!! We hosted a tour group of 170 this past weekend, from the National Guernsey Convention!!  Wow, what a fun group - thank you for making us a part of your route!! We are available even on weekends to schedule any group - and as always, tour groups receive a 10% discount during their visit!

Freshening up!! We are close to launching our new HOMEPAGE of!! We have been working on a new and updated look - stay tuned - we should have it up and running in a couple of weeks - we are just finishing up the final tweaks!

New artwork is on the canvas and I have been busy painting away! Keep posted weekly for sneak peeks and updates :) 

Thanks for reading, I hope you are having a wonderful summer -