Studio Excitement!

Framed prints and canvas giclees of WINTER PARK are here! We had over 3 million requests last year (maybe 4)  for the printing of this nostalgic, "that looks just like my grandpa's truck", and please call me when you print this piece appeals!!  Here you go - now available in two size prints and also a gallery-wrap canvas giclee.  (Remember, you can hang a gallery wrap giclee directly on the wall or frame it - either works, both look great, totally depends on your style and the look you love!) Shown here as the framed print under glass and matting, you can get all the DETAILS HERE!

It does not seem possible that 2 ½ weeks have already passed since World Dairy Expo!  Yikes!,  we have Open House in just 8 more days.  The past two weeks have been one big event like "feeding yourself to the lions"!! During the days that have passed since Expo, we:

Are staining the studio deck (just like hair color, you don't realize how badly you need it until you do it!) Thank you Gary - you ALWAYS do a great job ; )  Love the color we chose this time, even though you can not see it yet in this picture. 

We are rebuilding the stone wall in front of the studio.  I love this rock wall, but during the past couple of years, a few stones have slid out of place and the wall just seemed to beg for an update.  Matt and Miles are doing an awesome job...if I weren't an artist, I think I would build rock walls - I love the design element of building a great wall.  I would definitely need more muscles though ; )

What is a new wall without new steps!  Adam on the job - I met Adam at Snap Fitness during a Club 30 workout, you just never know who you meet in places like this - ha!!  He is a PT, maybe going to turn FT landscaper, step builder, paver-sidewalk fixer-upper! Folks, when you visit the shop, you will love the solid look and feel of these steps!!  ( I know, I know...simple things for simple minds- right? ; )

Amidst all this excitement, Zach has been pleading with me for a Halloween Party! (He actually only asked 2x, but knowing he is the final child and given how much I love Halloween too, I decided to dig out the Halloween garb and get it going!) If you love football in the back yard, carving pumpkins, pizza and a scavenger hunt - be at my house this Friday by 4pm! 

This candid moment was just too sweet not to throw into this week's blog - And this folks, is how you catch a wild critter that has escaped!  Jake, I know you are going to miss these moments when you go off to college next year ; )  And would you look at the beautiful autumn color!!  GORGEOUS!!

Finally, mark your calendar!!  Plan now to attend the GALA OPEN HOUSE EVENT AT BONNIE MOHR STUDIO, NOV. 4 & 5 - we hope to see you - DETAILS HERE!

Happy beautiful autumn day to you !