Fall Sneak Peek!

Bonnie's Fall Favorite Print, October Blessings

Well, let's get right down to business! Enough talk about the new paintings I am working on...by now, some of you are thinking "Is she really painting at all?"  or "Is she just on an extended shopping trip, buying new giftware for the upcoming Open House?" or maybe "An extended shopping trip for some new threads for the upcoming Open House?"  (No, but that's not a bad idea!) WHAT OPEN HOUSE ANYWAY?????.THIS ONE - Plan now to attend our Annual Gala Holiday Open House Events on November 4-5 and/or December 2-3! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS - FOOD, FUN, NEW ART, NEW GIFTWARE - A TON OF IT, LITERALLY! DID I MENTION THE CHEESE AND WINE? Get all the details HERE!! 

I almost forgot about the new art - sheesh!  OK, so I know I've been dangling this whole 'NEW ART' thing in front of you for some time, but timing is everything (or at least that's what they say...or is it location, location, location?) anyway...I am still not finished with this whole NEW ART thing/project I am working on, but I am more than half way.  It is a collection of 12 new paintings that will be released at one time, Yup - I know, pretty darn exciting! But you absolutely deserve a sneak peek - so here you go. 

Please do not force me to disclose any more information at this time...or it will ruin the surprise!  I love surprises!  (Except the surprise 40th Birthday Party John gave me - really, I looked like I had just gotten done churning butter - a girl needs to know about these things so you can spiffy up a bit!) 

If there is ever a time of the year to multi-task - IT IS NOW!  And we are doing our best at Bonnie Mohr Studio.  We have multi-bodies, tasking away, to be ready for the Gala Holiday Open House - coming soon!  

But wait...first, we are still sorting through all the orders placed at World Dairy Expo - Laura, you are a Rock Star! here she is folks - YES, she is still processing your orders from the show!  As promised we should have most everything shipped out by mid November!  All donations for Laura's poor-overworked nimble fingers are now being accepted!

Nancie is busy unpacking the GIFTWARE...please help us SAVE NANCIE - come to the Open House and buy some giftware so we can help Nancie get out of this room!!  

Framed art is arriving daily - Karen and Lisa just unpacked a million framed 8 x 10's yesterday  - these babies are perfect for the small area of your house begging for something pretty on it's wall, the new Tiny House Movement, or the person whom you love (but not enough to go big) on your Christmas List this year! 

And just for fun - here is the latest update on Remi!

He was last seen heading to Biscay for lunch!  He loves the outdoor breeze of riding on the Gator and spends most of his day sitting there waiting for someone, anyone, to give him a ride somewhere, anywhere!

Occasionally, he gets off to socialize with the cows, which - he is no longer afraid of! He has learned to use his 'BARK' to scare them off and knows he can outrun them when he needs too!  

By now, your cup of coffee is empty and there is work to be done - so we all better get busy! WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU SOON AT THE GALA HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE AT BONNIE MOHR STUDIO!

Much Love,