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Still Scrapping

I almost feel like I should be wearing a Life Alert beeper. Should I accidentally trip and fall in this mess and knock myself out, no one will ever find me in here. This senior scrap-booking event is completely out of hand. It's a sea of paper, empty glue sticks, and enough paper scraps to throw from Times Square in New York City! The good news - I am on the homestretch, and if all goes well, I should wrap this project up and get back to painting in a couple of days. Yeah!! Around the shop and in the studio, life is humming along. We are turning the store into "Spring" as we continue to prepare for our "Spring Event." We will have guests Mary Farr and Noah Vail to help us celebrate the event. Mary will be doing a book signing that day too, for the book, NEVER SAY NEIGH.  More details to come soon. We'd also like to share the exciting news about the original oil painting, HAVE HOLSTEINS? Owner of this "long time favorite," Joel Hastings, former Holstein World publisher, has donated this oil original to the Holstein Foundation for a sealed bid auction. Proceeds will go to the Holstein Foundation Programs. To learn more, please visit That's about it for today....keep on LIVING LIFE! Thanks for reading.... Bonnie