Snowbound in MN

With the other crisis going on in America this past week, it hardly seems that we should complain about the snow in Minnesota. The human side of us all, however, is quite aggravated with the weather conditions here. The GHOST OF SPRING has been haunting us!! Ahhhhhhh!!! It is Friday, April 19th - school has been canceled, we have over a foot of snow on the ground from yesterday's storm, and there are a couple more inches on the way - this is just unbelievable! I would have to say my heart probably goes out to the livestock farmers and the robins the most. My husband has become a slave to these weather circumstances - bedding, rebedding, and rebedding the livestock day after day, trying to keep them dry. On top of an already busy day of chores, there is snow to move, and more snow to move just to get the feed mixed for cattle while sinking into the thawed, muddy ground beneath it! These are the kind of days that are a real "test" - not of manhood, but of patience and persistence! And then...there are the poor little Robins - pregnant with no shoes....and now nothing to eat : (  The poor little things are fleeting and flying about, trying to decide if they should lay their eggs or go back south!! In between painting and working on our new website, we have been getting ready for the Open House. A month ago, I was dreaming of all the beautiful flowers I would have planted for the big event, and today, I look outside, and see a a foot of snow on top of the dead brown Christmas stuff still in my pots, last year's dead remains on the flowerbeds, and not one sign of anything green. The only positive thing out there is that all the frozen dog poop on the lawn is now covered up! Ha! Enough chit chat.....there is painting to be done, snow to shovel, and cows to bed : ) With love, from all us who are snowbound in MN!! Thanks for reading, Bonnie