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the studio will be closed on Monday, may 27 - in observance of memorial day

Selling an Original!

Selling an original painting for an artist is both a very special and bittersweet moment.  Some paintings are sold before they are even finished, and are still in progress on the easel. Some are sold before they even begin ( this would be a commissioned painting.) Most surprising of all, and maybe the biggest thrill, is getting a call from out of the blue, with an inquiring customer, interested in an original oil painting. The correspondence of emails and phone calls begins. Phase two comes next: "negotiating."  I'd have to admit, I've learned from the best, and there are certain skills that go along with "sealing the deal," whether you are on the buying or selling end. This past week brought one of those surprising and wonderful moments. After a couple of pleasant phone conversations and some gentle bargaining on both ends....we struck a deal, and the original oil painting of HEADIN' HOME is now New York bound - going to a wonderful new home, where it will be adorned and enjoyed by a delighted fan! I think that one of the most wonderful qualities about purchasing an original oil painting, is that it not only is a purchase of pure enjoyment and love, but also a worthy investment. Packing up an original painting can be very bittersweet for me. After many hours of designing and laboring over detail, content, and every aspect of the painting as it is born and comes alive....there is an unspoken bond that seems to develop without you even realizing it. For the pieces you complete and possess only a short time because there is an anxious buyer awaiting its ownership - there are similar feelings to your first child going off to college. A "severing" sort of feeling. For the paintings you have had hanging on the wall for a few years or longer - the attachment can be even stronger, and it seems a little sad to let it go.  Bottom line, my job is to create, so others can enjoy!  An original oil painting going to to a good person, and a loving home is a happy and special day! Thanks for reading - and if you're thinking about an original I'll be waiting to strike up the perfect deal for you ; ) ! Bonnie