Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! One really has to use their imagination to believe it's Easter already, when you look outside and see piles of snow everywhere (at least in Minnesota!) We celebrate this blessed and happy time of the year nonetheless, and accept the fact that we might be wearing snow boots and coats instead of dresses and heels to church this Sunday!  You can be assured however, the season is now close, as the beautiful white lilies and their wonderful fragrances, adorn store shelves everywhere.  The beautiful trumpet-shaped white lily symbolizes joy, hope and new life; the true spiritual essence of Easter! This year, we are going to try to color our eggs with natural foods and juices from the kitchen, including: blueberries, cranberry juice, coffee, paprika, turmeric, purple grape juice, red cabbage leaves, spinach, and red wine. I'll let you know how that comes out!!  We usually do up about 10 dozen eggs - not that we loved boiled eggs so much as we love the Easter Egg Hunt!! (Since I hide them, I usually find the most : )) The April e-newsletter is almost finished and will be headed to your e-mail next week! Lots of great things - including my famous homemade cabbage soup recipe and more details about the Spring Event at Bonnie Mohr Studio!  Much time around the studio lately has been spent preparing for this big event, along with completing the final stages of our new website. Getting through some of these happenings will definitely clear my schedule for more painting time.....thank you for being patient with me : ) Continuing to eagerly await the arrival of warmer weather and SPRING! Thanks for reading............ Bonnie