Spring Party Success

Despite the windy, rainy weather that nearly blew our tent down -  we happily report that the Spring Party last weekend was a great success! 

Keeping warm and dry in the studio....

The studio was bustling and happy - shoppers mulling about, finding comfort in the studio from the rain, and kids enjoying their balloons and the display of chirping baby chicks nesting under the heating lamp. The crowd of rosy cheeks and smiling faces sure brightened the gloomy day... and the warm, homemade muffins and hot coffee were the perfect combo to please everyone!       (A special thank you to sister Becky for bringing her fabulous rhubarb, blueberry and chocolate chip mini-muffins that were too good to have just one....) Nothing like a good sale to help with Spring cleaning! Thank you everyone who attended - it was a great party! 

Our personal baker!

We even hosted a tour early that morning, too! The Sigma Alpha Sorority from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls made the trip to visit the studio and tour the farm! It was a fun-filled day. 

"I hope we can fit this all...."

Monday of this week brought a trip to the U of M to attend the State FFA Convention - and partake in an Honors Reception, as well as the Monday evening program, attended by over 3,300 MN FFA members, plus teachers, guests and special honorees. My participation in the Convention was to help promote the new painting, "We Live to Share," which I recently completed for the Legacy Club. For more information on the project and the print, please visit www.mnffafoundation.org. The rest of the week has been dedicated to continued work on the True Type paintings of the cow and bull for the National Holstein Association. More on this work next week! Wishing you all sunshine, green grass, tulips and a bountiful list of all the things of Spring we love! Thanks for reading.... Bonnie

Sigma Alpha Sorority Tour Group